Learn German to Benefit Your Life

You may have been lucky enough to attend a high school that offered German as an elective. But even if you took German for all four years, without the opportunity to use it outside the classroom, you’ve probably forgotten quite a bit of it. With a Pimsleur German audio course, you can regain your German proficiency, and enjoy several benefits.

Speaking German Provides Opportunities

The benefits of learning German may not be readily apparent to you, but it can help you in several areas–from the obvious travel, to your career, and even your health. Here are some of the ways you’ll benefit when you learn German:


You may think learning German will only help you if you travel to Germany. Of course this is true, but many other countries have designated German as an official language, or have recognized it as a minority language. This means that many of the country’s residents may speak it as a second language. Knowing German will allow you to get around more easily in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary and even Russia.

Learn German before you take a vacation in a country where German is spoken, and you’ll be able to communicate with hotel personnel, wait staff in restaurants and store employees and street vendors. The best part is you’ll be able to engage people in conversation, which can help you learn more about a country’s customs, traditions and history than any book ever could. A trip to a foreign land is incomplete without this part of the experience.

Learn German to Benefit Your Career


It’s becoming more common for employers to look for language skills on prospective employees’ resumes. Having a language like German on your resume gives you an edge over other job candidates. Many companies pay higher salaries to bilingual employees, or offer bonuses based on language skills and proficiency. The more benefit you can bring to a company, the more attractive you are in the job market.

Learning German can not only help you get a job with an American company that has offices in Germany or other German-speaking countries, but it can help you pursue a position with a German company that has offices in the United States. Germany is a large producer of automobiles and electronics, and some of the best-known German companies for both have locations around the world, including in the U.S. Not only that, but Germany is home to the European version of NASA, so if you have an interest in space or aeronautics–and you speak German–you may be able to secure a position at one of the most prestigious organizations in the world.


You knew learning a second language could help you communicate, but did you know it can be a benefit to your health? A recent study showed that the onset of dementia and other cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s was delayed by about four years in bilingual people. In addition, people who speak a second language have better skills in their native language as well, and are also better critical thinkers who are superior problem solvers.

When you learn a language, your brain must work in a different way than it’s used to working on a daily basis. It’s just like exercising a muscle. Learning a language improves the way your brain performs in all areas, and increases your cognitive abilities. In other words, learning German can help you slow your brain’s aging process, and keep your mind young longer.

Personal Accomplishment

Aside from helping you land a lucrative position and furthering your career, or making your vacation more enjoyable, you can simply gain a sense of personal satisfaction when you learn a language. You will have gained knowledge that you can use not only to improve your own life, but that you can perhaps share with others who have the same goals.

If you’re of German descent, being able to speak to your grandparents in their native language, or just learning the language of your ancestors can be a way to connect to your roots. It might be that a close friend or family member marries someone who speaks German. Being able to communicate with the new relative can help him or her feel welcome in his or her adopted country. If you live in an area with a large German community, knowing the language can open up new opportunities for friendship. Knowing German can open up a whole new world to you, and those around you.


Learn German Fast with Audio Lessons

If you’ve ever taken language classes, you may be hesitant to try picking up a new language like German. You might be thinking about all the time you spent in the classroom, the books you had to read, the papers you had to write, and the tests you had to take. Or you may feel intimidated if you need to learn German fast. But it doesn’t have to be that way this time. There’s another way to learn German.

Pimsleur German audio lessons are the best way to learn the language. Our courses are based on Dr. Paul Pimsleur’s discovery that people learn languages best by simply listening. It’s the way we all learn our first language as children, and it can work for you again now.

Other benefits of learning from German language CDs are:

Whether you use Pimsleur German audio lessons, or any other method, you’ll be doing something good for yourself right now, and in the long term.