Games to practice German – Enjoy learning a new language

Learn by doing! As with any language, German is easier to learn when you enjoy what you are doing. While playing German language games, you can explore and acquire the language without even realizing that you are learning!

Below is a list of language games that will help you to learn new German words and grammatical constructions in an easy way. Some of the games listed here do not make use of German in particular, but you will need your logical strategies to solve them. Nevertheless, the instructions are always written in German, so you have to figure out what to do before you start.

Some of the crosswords might be quite difficult since they contain cultural facts and specific German words, but don’t get scared and try your best.

So . . . let’s get started!

Pimsleur Games





Sudoku has recently become one of the most popular strategy games in Germany. Nowadays, there is at least one Sudoku in every newspaper.

Grammar Games: