Essential Spanish Vocabulary – The Weather

Contrary to popular belief (or at least as depicted in the musical “My Fair Lady”), the rain in Spain does not mainly stay in the plain! Spain is famous for its sunny weather and gorgeous beaches. However, it can turn cold, rainy and windy when you least expect it. Besides being unpredictable in most regions, the weather in Spain varies drastically throughout the country.

Depending on where you are, the temperature will be more or less severe. Winter months can be quite rough, with freezing temperatures and high winds, especially in the center and north of the Peninsula. In the Mediterranean area and southern areas the weather is usually milder. This guide will get you started in practicing the basic vocabulary terms relating to the weather in Spain.

Phrase in Spanish Phrase in English Pronunciation
Tiempo Weather Tee-ehm-poh
Lluvia Rain Yoo-vee-ah
Nieve Snow Nee-eh-veh
Niebla Fog Nee-eh-blah
Sol Sun Sol
Viento Wind Vee-ehn-toh
Trueno Thunder Troo-eh-noh
Relámpago Lightning Reh-lam-pa-goh
Brisa Breeze Bree-sah
Granizo Hail Grah-nee-zoh
Llovizna Drizzle Yoh-veez-nah
Inundación Flood Ee-noon-dah-ziohn
Helada Frost Eh-lah-dah
Tormenta Storm Tohr-men-tah
Arcoíris Rainbow Ar-koee-rees
Prónostico Forecast Prohnos-teekoh
Ola de calor Heat wave O-lah-deh kah-lor
Humedad Humidity Oomehdahd
Estación Season Ehstah-zeeon
Huracán Hurricane Oorahkahn
Terremoto Earthquake The-rreh-mohtoh
Paraguas Umbrella Pahra-gwahs
Chubasquero Raincoat Choo-bahs-keh-roh
Botas de agua Rubber boots/Wellingtons Boh-tas deh ahgwah
Hace viento It’s windy Az-eh vee-ehn-toh
Hace calor It’s hot Az-eh kah-lor
Hace frío It’s cold Az-eh free-o
Hay neblina It’s misty A-ee nehblee-nah
Hay lluvias torrenciales It’s pouring A-ee yoo-vee-ahs toh-rehn-zeeales
Hay lloviznas It’s sprinkling A-ee yoh-veeznahs
Puesta de sol Sunset Poo-ehstah deh sol
Amanecer Sunrise Ah-mah-neh-zer
Alba Dawn Ahl-bah
Luna llena Full moon Loo-nah ye-nah
Sobre cero Above zero Soh-breh ze-roh
Bajo cero Below zero Bah-ho ze-roh
Grados Degrees Grah-dohs

Slang/Commonly Used Expressions:

Expression in Spanish Expression in English Pronunciation
¿Qué tiempo hace? What’s the weather like? Keh tee-ehm-poh azeh
Está lloviendo a cántaros It’s raining cats and dogs Estah yo-vee-ehndoh ah kahntahrohs
Estar empapado To be drenched Estahr ehmpahpah-doh
Hace un frío que pela It’s freezing cold Az-eh oon freeoh keh pehla
Hace muchísimo calor It’s boiling hot Az-eh moocheeseemoh kahlohr
¡Hace un día precioso! It’s a beautiful day! Az-eh oon deeah preh-cee-ohsoh
Hace un día soleado It’s a sunny day Az-eh oon deeah sohleh-ah doh
Parece que va a llover It looks like it is going to rain Pah-rehze ke va a yo-vehr