Essential Spanish Vocabulary – Shopping

If you love to shop, then Spain is a must-visit destination. You can choose between large shopping centers that offer a wide variety of items and cute little shops where local designers exhibit their creativity. Spanish markets are well known around the world for their high-quality products and reasonable prices.

Make sure to hit the shopping circuit at the right time though; small, local shops tend to be closed during the typical siesta time, which includes lunch and a nap or a rest. Most stores lock their doors at 2pm and reopen around 5pm, so morning or evening is the best time to hit the streets.

Phrase in Spanish Phrase in English Pronunciation
¿Dónde esta el…más cercano? Where is the nearest…? Dohn-deh estah el mahs zehr-kahnoh
Carnicería Butcher’s Kahr-nee-ze-reeah
Panadería Baker’s Pah-nah-deh-reeah
Farmacia Chemist Pharma-zeeah
Centro comercial Shopping Center Zen-troh koh-mer-zeeal
Mercado Market Merkahdoh
Librería Bookshop Leebreh-reea
¿Podría ayudarme, por favor? Could you help me, please? Poh-dreeah ayoodahrmeh pohr fah- vohr
Estoy buscando… I am looking for Estoee booskahndoh
Camiseta T-shirt Kah-mee-seh-tah
Blusa Blouse Bloosah
Pantalones Trousers/pants Pahn-tah-loh-nes
Corbata Tie Kohr-bah-tah
Cinturón Belt Zeen-too-rohn
Chaqueta Jacket Cha-keh-tah
Abrigo Coat Abreegoh
Traje de baño Swimsuit Trahe deh banyoh
Toalla Towel Toh-ah-yah
Chanclas Flip-flops Chan-klahs
Zapatos Shoes Zah-pah-tos
Botas Boots Boh-tahs
Tacón alto High heel Tah-khon altoh
Cepillo de dientes Toothbrush Zepeeyoh deh dee-ehn-tehs
Sólo estoy mirando I’m just looking Sohloh estoee meerahndoh
Mi talla es… I take size… Mee tah-yah es
Probador Changing room Pro-bah-dohr
¿Aceptan…? Do you take…? Azeptahn
Cheque Check chekeh
Efectivo Cash Efekteevoh
Tarjeta de crédito Credit card Tar-he-tah deh kredeetoh
¿Abren los domingos? Are you open on Sundays? Abrehn lohs doh-meen-gohs
¿Hacen arreglos? Do you do alterations? Ah-zen ah-rehglohs
¿Tiene garantía? Does it have warranty? Tee-eneh garanteeah
¿Cuánto cuesta? How much is it? Kooantoh kooestah
Rebajas Sales Reh-bah-has
Descuento Discount Dehs-kwentoh
Caro Expensive Kahroh
Barato Cheap Barah-toh