Essential Spanish Vocabulary – Meeting Someone New

Spanish people are well-known for being very friendly and affable. They are always glad to welcome tourists, and are happy to make new acquaintances. Although they may not know you very well, Spaniards may behave very familiarly. Don’t be surprised if, when being introduced to a local, he or she kisses you on both cheeks. It is just the established way Spaniards greet each other.

This guide will introduce you to the common vocabulary terms you’ll need when you meet someone new.

Phrase in Spanish Phrase in English Pronunciation
Hola Hello Ohlah
Buenos días Good morning Bwenohs dee-ahs
Buenas tardes Good evening Bwenahs tahr-dehs
Buenas noches Good night Bwenahs noh-ches
Hasta luego See you later Ahstah lwegoh
¿Cómo estás? How are you? Kohmoh ehstahs
¿Cómo te llamas? What’s your name? Kohmoh teh yahmas
Me llamo… My name is… Meh yahmoh
¿De dónde eres? Where are you from? Deh dondeh ehres
Soy de … I am from… So-ee deh
Encantado de conocerte Nice to meet you Ehn-kahntahdoh deh kohnozer-teh
¿Cuántos años tienes? How old are you? Kwan-tos anyos tee-ehnes
Tengo…años I am….years old Tehn-goh…anyos
Te presento a… Let me introduce you to… Teh prehsen-toh ah…
Marido Husband Mah-ree-doh
Mujer Wife Moo-her
Hijo/Hija Son/daughter Ee-ho/ee-ha
¿Estás casado/a? Are you married? Ehstahs kahsadoh
¿Tienes hijos? Do you have children? Tee-ehnes ee-hos
¿Dónde te hospedas? Where are you staying? Dohndeh teh ospeh-das
¿Hablas ingles? ¿Do you speak English? Ah-blahs een-glehs
No hablo español I don’t speak Spanish Noh ah-bloh ehspanyol
¿Te apetece…? Would you like to…? Teh ah-pehteh-zeh
Dar un paseo Go for a walk Dahr oon pah-sehoh
Tomar una copa Have a drink To-mahr oonah kohpah
Ir al cine Go to the movies Eer ahl zeeneh
Disculpe Excuse me Dees-kool-peh
¿Cómo se dice…en español? How do you say…in Spanish? Koh-mo she dee-zeh ehn ehspanyol
¿Puede repetir? Could you repeat? Poo-ehdeh rehpeh-teer
¿Qué significa…? What does…mean? Keh seeg-nee-fee-kah
Estoy estudiando español I am studying Spanish Ehsto-ee ehstoo-deeandoh ehspanyol
Ha sido un placer It was a pleasure Ah seedoh oon plah-zehr
¿Cuál es tu…? What’s your..? Kwal ehs too
Número de teléfono Telephone number Noomehro deh tehleh-fohnoh
Dirección Address Dee-rehc-zeeohn
Muchas gracias Thank you very much Moochahs grah-zee-ahs
Espero verte pronto I hope to see you soon Ehspe-roh vehr-the prohn-toh