Essential German Vocabulary – The Weather

In Germany there are a variety of different climates and temperatures through the year: a moderate central European climate with warm to hot (and sometimes quite rainy) summers, crisp autumns and colder winters.

The climate differs significantly from location to location. While there is milder, wet and windy weather in the north by the sea, you can get deep snow in the mountains, and not just the Alps. The middle of Germany also has some fairly high mountain regions which can be enjoyed for skiing in winter.

In this guide you will learn some words and expressions you will hear and use when talking about the weather in Germany.

Phrase in German Phrase in English Pronunciation
Wetter Weather Vet-ter
Wie ist das Wetter? What’s the weather like? Vee ist duss vet-ter?
Schönes Wetter Nice weather Shoh-ness vet-ter
Schlechtes Wetter Bad weather Shlech-tess vet-ter
Heiß Hot Haiss
Kalt Cold Kahlt
Sonnig Sunny Son-nig
Wolkig Cloudy Vol-kig
Es regnet. It’s raining. Es ray-gnet.
Wind Wind Vind
Es schneit. It’s snowing. Es shnite.
Regenschirm Umbrella Ray-gen-sheerm
Gewitter Thunderstorm Ge-vit-ter
Hagel Hail Hah-gell
Blitz Lightning Blits
Donner Thunder Don-ner
Regenbogen Rainbow Ray-gen-boe-gen
Nebel Fog Nay-bell
Nass Wet Nuss
Trocken Dry Trock-en
Flut Flood Flute
Klima Climate Clee-mah
Schnee Snow Shnay
Eis Ice Ice
Temperatur Temperature Tehm-peh-rah-tuhr
Lawine Avalanche Lah-vea-ner
Norden North Nohr-den
Süden South Soo-den
Osten East Oss-ten
Westen West Ves-ten

Slang/Commonly Used Expressions:

Expression in German Expression in English Pronunciation
Mir ist kalt./Ich friere. I’m freezing. Meer ist kahlt/Ich free-re
Es schüttet. It’s raining cats and dogs. Es schoot-tet
Zieh dich warm an! Wear warm clothes! (informal) Tsee dich vahrm un!
Ich schwitze! I’m sweating! Ich shwitz-er!